D-Link introduces a bunch of 4G connectivity devices

D-Link introduces a bunch of 4G connectivity devices

D-Link (India) Limited, the market leader in wireless segment today announced the introduction of 4G LTE (4th Generation Long Term Evolution) Dongles & Routers in India. The new set of connectivity devices by D-Link support the latest 4G mobile communication standard thereby allowing users to enjoy wireless Internet access at a much higher speed, and since these are unlocked devices they work with all service providers.

The newly introduced D-Link 4G range of products include DWR-222 (4G LTE USB Adapter), DWR-910 (4G LTE USB Router), DWR-932C (4G LTE Mobile Router) and DWR-921 (4 Port 4G LTE Router).

D-Link 4G solution offerings:

DWR-222, 4G LTE USB Adapter – This is a portable travel modem that allows users to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. With fast downlink and uplink data rates, as well as low latency, it offers high-performance and responsive connection even while on the road. DWR-222 is truly a portable device that also features a microSD card reader for optional removable storage (up to 32 GB), allowing one to always have files and contacts on hand.

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DWR-910, 4G LTE USB Router – Designed for true portability D-Link Le Petit (DWR-910) is small and slim enough to carry around in purse or pocket so that one can take advantage of fast 4G LTE connection wherever they are. Further it not only lets one access high-speed internet anytime, but also makes it possible to share mobile Internet connection with multiple PCs and mobile devices anywhere.

DWR-932C, 4G LTE Mobile Router – With a rechargeable battery, DWR-932 is small enough to fit in into a pocket making it highly portable. D-Link DWR-932C, 4G LTE Mobile Router allows users to access worldwide mobile broadband networks. Once connected, users can enjoy data transmission and media streaming on the go. Simply insert a SIM card and share 4G LTE Internet connection through a secure wireless network. This mobile Router can be configured to work as a Wi-Fi router or 4G modem.

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DWR-921, 4 Port 4G LTE Router – Access and share 4G LTE or 3G mobile broadband connections with D-Link DWR-921. One has to simply insert SIM/USIM card and share 4G LTE or 3G Internet connection through a secure wireless network or any of the four Ethernet ports. The DWR-921 4G LTE Router is designed with constant connection in mind. Dual-band 4G LTE and 3G support allows automatic 3G connection if or when the 4G LTE signal strength becomes low, whereas the additional xDSL/FTTH Ethernet WAN option gives fail-safe connectivity if either fixed line or mobile broadband fails.

D-Link 4G connectivity devices are now available across India. All D-Link 4G products carry one year warranty.

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Model no. MRP (Rs.) Model no. MRP (Rs.)

DWR-222 Rs 2,990 DWR-932C Rs 4,800

DWR-910 Rs 3,490 DWR-921 Rs 7,000

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