How to Determine if You Have the Best Investment Portfolio for Retirement

Investors need to consider different ways to ensure they have enough money in retirement. You might be wondering if your retirement plan is growing in the right direction. Investing for retirement is a long-term goal and it brings on a set of extremely complicated decisions, and many of them come all at once. However, the best news is that it is never too early or too late to start planning. Better yet, there are three things about your investment that are completely under your control and can have a sizable impact on your retirement, including how much you invest, the rate of return you earn on your investments, and the number of years those investments have to grow. Here are some topics to consider and discuss with a financial planner in order to build a strong investment portfolio for retirement.

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Nokia phones 2017 specs, price, release date: Nokia Edge, C1, D1C, E1 high to low-end offering

The iconic logo and tagline of Nokia is displayed along with the potential look of the upcoming Nokia Edge Android smartphone. (Photo : YouTube/GONE IN 180) Nokia phones specs, price list, and release date have been highly searched online. Smartphone enthusiasts have been anticipating the arrival of potential Nokia mobiles which may include the Nokia C1, Nokia Edge, Nokia D1C, and Nokia E1.

In Nokia’s partnership with HMD Global, there is a great possibility that the company will outclass and outsell rivals this New Year. Nokia C1, Nokia Edge, Nokia D1C, and Nokia E1, will likely serve as a springboard for the company in achieving their goal of bringing their name back to the top of mobile industry.

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New trailers: The Dark Tower, Marvel’s The Defenders, House of Cards, and more

The Wachowskis’ strange, celebratory, and globe-spanning series Sense8 returns for a second season on Netflix this week, so my colleague Tasha Robinson sat down to talk about the show with actor Naveen Andrews, who plays one of its more mysterious figures. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re a fan.

I never quite got hooked on the mysteries of Sense8’s first season, but what I did love about it was how it felt like such a pure distillation of the Wachowskis’ interests: from martial arts to shared bodies and minds to larger-than-life forces keeping people from living the lives they want for themselves. The show has so many characters and locations and styles, it’s kind of incredible they’re able to stitch it all together.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.

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BlackBerry KeyOne review: part productivity, part nostalgia

The KeyOne’s focus on productivity is embodied by its hardware design. Technically, this phone was built by TCL, as BlackBerry itself does not make hardware anymore. And it’s running Google’s Android software instead of BlackBerry’s own operating system. But rest assured, it looks like a BlackBerry through and through, right down to the classic logo embedded in the soft-touch back of the phone. It’s the first model from TCL that truly does look like a BlackBerry and not just another slab-style smartphone.

Obviously, the keyboard is the centerpiece of attention here, and the main reason why anyone would consider purchasing this phone. As far as smartphone keyboards go, rare as they are in 2017, it is very good. The clicky keys are backlit and they have a sloped design. They’re easy to press and easy to run your fingers over. The phone is also comfortably narrow to use in one hand (unlike the oddly wide BlackBerry Passport

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Inundated by spam Facebook accounts, USA Today has asked the FBI to investigate

USA Today’s Facebook page is being inundated with likes from fake accounts, and its parent company, Gannett Co., has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate. Before a purge of such accounts last month, USA Today contends that spam accounts made up a significant percentage of the publication’s followers on the social media platform.

While the social media company recently stepped up its efforts to combat fake accounts by purging millions of fake accounts in April, Gannett has gone to the FBI, saying that it remains a target of these types of spam efforts. It’s not immediately clear if the agency will investigate. While fake accounts violate Facebook’s Terms of Service, doing so isn’t a crime, but the company notes that these types of accounts “risks damaging a publisher’s brand.”

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