The War on Terrorism in Terrorist Games

The War on Terrorism in Terrorist Games

With the “War on Terrorism” in America there has been an increase in terrorist games. If you’re into action packed video and computer games then you may enjoy one of these increasingly political forms of entertainment. Before you go off looking however, there are some games you’ll want to know about. Read on for a short description of a few games to look for.

Syphon Filter

If you’re looking to play as a counter-terrorist to make any bad guy run, try playing as Gabriel “Gabe” Logan in Syphon Filter. This makes it a great game if you’re looking more for the real thing and less for futuristic weaponry. As Gabe, you can travel the world, and use as advanced technology as the real world has to offer. One negative side to Gabe is that gamers find him “dull”. He doesn’t have as much a personality as characters from other games, which probably has a lot to do with the realism. However, if you’re just looking to go to war under the role of a super-spy for a governmental department, then this is the game for you.

Bad Dudes

If you want to mix ninjas with terrorism, then take a look at Bad Dudes. This game confronts the war on terrorism that subtracts from the scary reality of actual terrorism. This game is less about advanced intelligence, weaponry, and espionage. In it, you’ll find more brute violence and hand-to-hand combat than anything else. The game is lax, and straightforward. Take down DragonNinja, his ninja cronies, and save the president.

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Shadow Complex

This is a more right-winged game, and home based then the rest, revealing the politics of the creators. A group of extreme-leftist radicals called the Restoration are building to make a civil war in the country. The protagonist, Jason Fleming, is for the most part an ordinary guy. The only difference being that he was trained partially as a soldier in his childhood by his soldier father. This is a game where the ordinary guy with basic skills can step up and save the day. Unlike the previous two games, however, this one also involves a love interest, adding complexity to the plot.

Killer 7

If you’re interested in a crazy and twisted plot, Killer 7 combines counter-terrorism with personality disorder. The Smiths, the band of good guys, switch forms throughout the game allowing you to play as different characters. Each character is a fragment of the main Smith’s personality. These international assassins fight to get rid of the terrorist cell, Heaven’s Smile, and its leader Kun Lan. With zombies made from alien birthing pods, and angel-winged bosses to beat, you’ll escape the terrorism of reality and enter into an entirely new universe.

Rainbow Six

This counter-terrorist group is comprised of both men and women from Britain and America. It’s a skill based game, using the most advanced weaponry and intelligence that these two Western powers offer. This is a team game that combines realism with tactical strikes and shooters. You must use coordination with other players in order to beat the game, making it more difficult to play with strangers. If you’re into games that let you take shot after shot and still survive, this probably isn’t the game for you. Weapon damage is realistic, and most of the time one well-aimed shot will kill you.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Like Call of Duty? Then this is definitely a game you’ll want to try. Being one of the more familiar of the eight games listed doesn’t subtract from the quality of this game. John “Soap” MacTavish is a soldier that gets some seriously intense operations. With a combination of larger scale operations and smaller scale strikes, Modern Warfare 2 becomes a more action-packed game with Soap as the stout leader.

Metal Gear

This is another popular game in the community. Most gamers know about Solid Snake, the protagonist, who is reputed to be the perfect soldier. While he does fight terrorist cells, he actually spends more of his time battling larger armies. However, Snake becomes more of a terrorist in the second and fourth versions of Metal Gear. If you’re into switching sides, getting caught by armies, and fighting a mixture of large and small battles, this is a game you’ll need to check out.

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Splinter Cell

Many compare the protagonist, Sam Fisher, with Solid Snake. He’s a great fighter, but unlike Snake, he rarely gets caught. He’s sneaky, keeping his identity hidden from the primary antagonist in the first Splinter Cell for a majority of the game. He’s an independent counter-terrorist who uses the intelligence he discovers and his skills to adapt to the situation as necessary. He’s also known to be a far more likable and realistic character than many of the others, adopting a humorous character on top of his determination and professionalism. With those virtues, he spends all his time fighting terrorists. This is definitely a game for the books.

Don’t let this list restrict you. There’s a wide variety of terrorist games on the market. But also don’t let these very entertaining forms of anti-terrorist propaganda sway your politics too much. Unfortunately, the increase in these games is related to the rise in violence and prejudice. You’re bound to find current politics leaked in somewhere, whether it’s a game fighting Russians, or based on the Vietnam War. So take the game as exactly what it is – just a game, and sit back to escape from reality for a few hours.

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