Do You Know What’s In Your Candy?

There’s a reason that people are searching for, buying and growing organic produce. It’s a matter of good health and supporting a clean and GREEN environment. People are finally learning the truth, that genetically modified foods are dangerous.

These genetically modified foods that chemists are “designing” are not tested over any significant length of time. They are introduced into our food supply, in our stores and often time with no disclosure requirements for labeling. Generally, they’re not pulled from the shelves until they have done significant damage to consumers’ health, and usually on a large scale.

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Can Cayenne Pepper Aid in Weight Loss?

Can Cayenne Pepper Aid in Weight Loss?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

Cayenne pepper is a potent weight loss aid that can help curb your appetite, heat up your metabolism, and even help burn extra fat. With these significant benefits, it should be no surprise that cayenne is an integral part of popular weight loss plans like the Master Cleanse. Cayenne peppers can be grown at home or purchased at almost any grocery store. If you are looking for a safe, reliable strategy to fortify your efforts to support a healthy body weight, cayenne is an option you should consider.

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New trailers: The Dark Tower, Marvel’s The Defenders, House of Cards, and more

The Wachowskis’ strange, celebratory, and globe-spanning series Sense8 returns for a second season on Netflix this week, so my colleague Tasha Robinson sat down to talk about the show with actor Naveen Andrews, who plays one of its more mysterious figures. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re a fan.

I never quite got hooked on the mysteries of Sense8’s first season, but what I did love about it was how it felt like such a pure distillation of the Wachowskis’ interests: from martial arts to shared bodies and minds to larger-than-life forces keeping people from living the lives they want for themselves. The show has so many characters and locations and styles, it’s kind of incredible they’re able to stitch it all together.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.

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Cultivating A Practice Of Gratitude

Cultivating A Practice Of Gratitude

Practicing being grateful for aspects of your life can have a very positive effect on the quality of your life. Research actually verifies this phenomenon, showing that practicing gratitude increases emotional health, physical health, reduces stress, improves mood, relieves depression and anxiety, and improves the quality of relationships and social interactions. Though being grateful may seem like something you are either born with or not, having gratitude for your life is something that takes practice. There are specific techniques for practicing gratitude and becoming adept at maintaining a positive attitude.

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Jew World Order

Jew World Order (Masonry, New World Order, Lucifer and Ect.)
The following represents the Jewish worldview and Jewish plans for the future of our planet. The purpose of this is neither to frighten you or shock you, but rather to inform you, as most of this information has been deliberately covered up. It should be remembered that these quotes are not from sources about the Jews, but are from the Jews themselves.

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